Thursday, March 31, 2016

Annual Meeting at U.S. Eagle!

Once you deposit $5 into your savings account at U.S. Eagle, you become a member-owner.  It’s the most unique benefit of being a member at U.S. Eagle, which is why we invite all members to our Annual Meeting. We want your voice to be heard.

Who attends an Annual Meeting? Other shareholders, but more importantly, local people in our community who have invested in the same financial institution and share the same goals for the future as you do.
 So, what goes on at an Annual Meeting and why should you attend? 
Status report of U.S. Eagle’s fiscal year
Learn about the current financial standing of U.S. Eagle. Key management officers will also discuss goals and initiatives for 2017.

Board of Directors elections
Members on the Board of Directors serve three year terms. Make your vote count if there's an election.

Open discussion with Board of Directors and  U.S. Eagle staff
Time for some Q & A!

Scholarship recipients announced
Three students will take home big giant checks valued at $2,000 towards school.


Social Hour
Enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres and meet some fellow Eagles.

So, on Wednesday, May 4th at 6:30pm, make sure you're at The Event Center at Sandia Golf Club. We'll see you there!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Crashing the GAC!!

What does “Crashing the GAC” consist of? Over 30 sessions, meetings, and discussions; nearly 85,000 steps; and a 90+ hour work week…all in less than six days. I can now proudly say, I am a GAC Crasher Alum.

Although the list above may seem a bit daunting, Crashing the GAC has been an invaluable experience and one of the best opportunities of my professional career. Before I go on, let me explain what the GAC is. The Governmental Affairs Conference is an annual meeting in Washington D.C. of credit unions from around the nation designed to ignite the credit union movement. The GAC guest list includes top leaders at credit unions, associations and leagues, keynote speakers, and mainly just really important people who have worked hard to get where they are…cue 52 millennials in bright yellow shirts. That would be me, us, THE Crashers. Now, let’s review what exactly a “Crasher” is. A Crasher is a young person selected from each state to attend the GAC and shake things up. We are there to network, learn, and network.

Selfie with Rep. Ben Ray Lujan
Crashing the GAC was amazing. The main thing I took away from this experience is, understanding the credit union movement. I want to make a difference in my position and help people, now, I know even more ways to make that happen. I met so many passionate people at the GAC who were inspiring and on fire about the credit union movement. Credit Unions are more than just financial institutions. Credit Unions are places where people can go to financially succeed. Credit Unions are places that will, of course, hold your money, BUT they serve our members and have their best interest in mind. Credit Unions will sit down with members and have that tough conversation, but then do all we can to help you in the long run. Credit Unions are owned by its members. Credit Unions serve people.

I’m excited to make a difference and impact lives while representing my credit union every day. Being a part of a credit union means that I am an advocate for the credit union movement. I get to spread the news about how people can join a credit union. People need to know they can join and not feel nervous or burdened by their financial situation. People can expect a trusted relationship with the place that takes care of their money. People CAN improve their financial well-being, and, we will do our best to ensure we are there for them every step of the way.