Monday, May 1, 2017

National Credit Union Youth Month Recap

Bad news first, then good news.

Bad News: National Credit Union Youth Month has come to a close. 
Good News: U.S. Eagle treats every month like National Credit Union Youth Month! 

U.S. Eagle had such a great month hosting financial literacy, posting fun contests on social media, organizing scavenger hunts, and participating in National Take Your Kid to Work Day! Here is a quick recap of all the activities and winners of April’s National Credit Union Youth Month.

Financial Literacy

Your credit union takes financial literacy very seriously. We strive to provide basic money management classes wherever there is a demand. This month, we provided multiple Mad City Money classes around the city. So, what's Mad City Money? Mad City Money is a real life simulation which gives students a sense of adulthood with income and bills to pay. Participants are assigned a temporary identity, including occupation, salary, debt, marital status, children, and more. They have to decide where they will live and how they will live, all while staying within budget.

Mad City Money at Warehouse 508

Social Media Contests

U.S. Eagle s social. We had a blast hearing from our members via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We posted questions and received such a great feedback from our followers.



Scavenger Hunt

You heard it right – we hosted scavenger hunts at our branches. Clues were posted all over social media, and the first child to find the hidden blue ticket won a VISA gift card!

Take Your Kid To Work Day

U.S. Eagle made sure to celebrate Take Your Kid To Work Day! About thirteen kids showed up bring and early to learn about the credit union difference. They met our President and CEO, Marsha Majors and THE Eagle! Kids played credit union bingo and learned about the different departments of the credit union. The day ended with the kids learning about the vital roles their parents play to make U.S. Eagle operate smoothly.

U.S. Eagle treats every month like National Credit Union Youth Month. We strive to offer financial literacy wherever there is a demand. We post financial tips and important articles on all our social media pages. Make sure to follow us or add us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn

If you are interested in U.S. Eagle providing a Mad City Money experience for your class, please call Danielle Silva at 342-8875 or send an email to  and schedule a complimentary financial literacy session for your students.