Friday, October 14, 2016

The Authentic Difference

Every third Thursday of October since 1948, credit unions across the globe celebrate International Credit Union Day. For those of you who didn't know credit unions exist on a global scale - now you know. In fact, the first credit union was founded in Germany by Friedrich Raiffeisen. Moving on from my history lesson of the day, International Credit Union Day recognizes the history of the credit union movement and its achievements. This momentous day also celebrates the hard work of those who dedicate their lives to the credit union industry.
This year, the theme of International Credit Union Day is "The Authentic Difference". Not to toot our own horn, but there truly is an authentic difference in the credit union industry. Our goal is to serve our members and help them financially succeed. We do this as an organization, and each department has an integral role to make our members' experience as authentic as possible. Here is how some of our employees exhibit the authentic difference in their roles at U.S. Eagle:
Meet Theo. Theo has worked for U.S. Eagle for nearly 27 years! Theo was the "SEG Champ" back when the ball first started rolling. "SEG" stands for "Select Employee Group". In order to join U.S. Eagle you had to be a part of a select employee group or a family member of an employee. Theo added hundreds of SEGs so that all their employees and family members could truly experience the authentic credit union difference.
Meet Jeremy. Jeremy has worked for the credit union for almost three years and is one of our biggest cheerleaders! His favorite part of his job is helping people with their financial needs. Jeremy is passionate about the credit union movement and exhibits the authentic difference by providing the right services and products that will fit our members' lifestyles. Jeremy leaves work every day knowing he made a difference in someone's life.
Meet Patty. Patty has been working for U.S. Eagle for eleven years! Her favorite part about working for the credit union is the impact she has on families. Many families may be in need of guidance concerning financial situations. Her financial knowledge is continually developing and allows her to confidently give members different options that best fit their specific needs. Patty says the best part of learning is that it never stops - tomorrow is an endless day full of possibilities! Patty demonstrates the authentic difference to our members by helping them feel like a person and not a paycheck. She strives to offer them an experience of belonging and is always eager to share our meaningful mantra - "Where Everyone Belongs".

Meet Ina. Ina has been working for U.S. Eagle for nearly five years. Her favorite part about working for a credit union is how our organization lives out the credit union philosophy of "People Helping People". She recognizes how community-centered U.S. Eagle is and appreciates the many opportunities available to commit time to local non-profits. Ina exhibits the authentic difference through her position in human resources by ensuring our internal members are happy and confident in their position which allows better service for our external members. She is a trusted resource, her door is always open, and she commits daily to go above and beyond in her position.

Meet Diana. Diana has been lovin' life at U.S. Eagle for almost a year. Her favorite part of her job is interacting with our members and knowing that U.S. Eagle is helping them financially. Diana exhibits the authentic difference in a few ways. Farmington is such a tight knit community and everybody is familiar with one another. This allows Diana to demonstrate authenticity by acknowledging each member by their name and treating them as individual and not just a number. She welcomes them as soon as they walk through the door and treats them with kindness. Through membership interaction, Diana has become more outspoken and enjoys having important conversations with members to ensure their financial success.

Stop by any branch on Thursday, October 20th from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and celebrate International Credit Union Day with U.S.!

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